The Witcher 3 looks spectacular with this HD mod

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We've covered many mods for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and it's popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Now this new HD graphics mod has arrived, which makes the already beautiful looking game look even more amazing and realistic.

The mod is made by HalkHoganPL, who has made many similar such mods for other popular AAA titles, and has improved the graphic quality of the game significantly. The mod titled the HD Reworked Project, has a preview teaser video below, so you can see the enhancements made to the game.

The mod includes many new textures that were created from scratch, changes to lighting sources and colours, making the world much more vivid, and although there will be a limited impact on frame rate, performance is still pretty great with the new changes introduced. Bricks, roofs, and other fine details now look much more sharp and realistic, as well as introducing new weathering effects for that added touch of realism.

If you're interested in picking this up, you can grab it now from NexusMods.

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Interesting, so what kind of GPU do you need to still run the game with the mod?

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The Witcher 3 looks spectacular with or without this  

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Typically I would agree with Serio, but I also was one of the people who said "No, you don't need to remaster Skyrim, it looks fine".

So I may try this, though I think this may tax the limits of my GPU.

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The thing about remastering Skyrim is that now you NEED to use all those texture mods, ENBs, or physics mods, because the game now has all that stuff to begin with. In other words, you don't need to mod it to look good, because it already looks good to start with. That frees up room for fun/silly mods.

(Now, we just need SKSE64 and SkyUI, so we can start porting over more mods.

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I'm still waiting on the day I can afford a video card good enough to play Witcher 3 as is

It's been sitting in my steam library just taunting me.