Needed: Article Writers!

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Once again, I'm looking for people who are interested in writing content to go on the FilesNation website.

Everyone is welcome, prior experience not required, so if you think you'd be capable of finding interesting mod-related news, review, or other original content, then please do get in touch.

I'm currently running the entire editorial content on my own due to various reasons, and this is proving too much for one person to do by themselves. FilesNation will only survive and grow with the combined effort of all the community, not just me!

Send me a PM or get in touch if you're able to help - current forum staff included.

Thank you!

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I think I sent you a PM.

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I own a keyboard.

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Mr. MattI own a keyboard.

Are you able to use it to construct words that describe current affairs in the past or present tense?

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I once read a book that contained words.