Introduction (eracet)

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I am Tim aka eracet.
Have been gaming since Atari.
Been a part of many groups. And organizations.
Started with certain gaming groups 20-30 years ago, with email groups. Forums
CCC (coca cola cowboys) Other groups which I help moderate.
First online gaming clan was with Anarchy Online.
Lead many large groups and cabals on AO. Played for 9 years. Started backing away when free to play became a big thing.
Ran and kind of still have evolutionguild on Star Trek Online.
Ran (run) Leaders and STO channels, with other groups ( Stepped back from this a lot since some restrictions )
After starting Secret World I have built it up to the largest group in STO .
But with many hurdles and no help from Funcom I decided to back away until things get repaired or in place to prosper.
100 item slots for 1000 People?

Latest is I am shutting down due to my latest inactivity with online gaming ( except for small drop ins).

Have meet many people in gaming though the years and looking forward to meeting others as I continue gaming though various means.

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Welcome aboard.

I, too, started with the Atari. But I never owned a console until Playstation 2. Which, oddly, enough, my Playstation 2 still works after all these years.

I have heard of evolutionguild. Apparently, it is quite popular.

STO is the only multiplayer game I play, and even then, I really don't play much anymore. I used to be the leader of Ferasan Shadow Force fleet, and Admin of the CatPhone chat channel. However, I cannot remember the last time I actually logged in for anything other than managing fleet stuff. I cannot remember the last time I simply PLAYED.

Maybe I will play a little once the Risa event starts.

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Freemium MMO's really seem to fall a bit flat these days, which is why - I suspect - we're seeing a resurgence in subscription based MMO's.


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Hello, and welcome!

Hope you stick around. Recognise the name so I'm sure I've seen you around ArloriaNET or The Escapist, or something like that.

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SerioFreemium MMO's really seem to fall a bit flat these days, which is why - I suspect - we're seeing a resurgence in subscription based MMO's.

For me, it is the constant money-grabbing, and being coerced to buy stuff. Look at GTA Online.

GTA 5 is spectacular, and genuinely one of the best games ever made. Even as-is, it is is an open world sandbox of fun. You can play Frogger on the motorway, see how long you can survive in the military base, or you can go on a rampage with all the cheats enabled. Better yet, it is an open canvas for modding. You can turn Los Santos into an alien invasion survival, or you can do Los Santos Trucking Simulator. The only limit is how much your computer can render before it literally explodes.

GTA Online is just a transaction-laden hell hole. You want a special car that does not exist in the general GTA traffic, pay money. You want to have a yacht, pay money. You want a warehouse to sell drugs, pay money. There is very little you can do without paying money. And that is after I paid real money to buy the game in the first place!

That is the main reason why I don't play multiplayer games. The other reason is because mods are more fun than random people on a server.

Even worse yet, some games, such as the newest Deus Ex, have started putting transactions IN THE SINGLE PLAYER! Worse yet, that is on top of the already bad situation of paying £60 for the base game, another £60 for a season pass box of mystery, and another £60 worth of day one DLC. This is why each year, I am gradually moving away from modern gaming. Apart from Skyrim, I very rarely play anything after Playstation 2 era.

As for the entire subscription thing, that I can tolerate, to a point. But it had better be a situation where:
1: They have NO premium stuff that requires real money to buy.
2: The game is still under constant development, so the subscription is actually paying for something other than the ability to play the game.
3: I get a 30-day free period, so I can see if the game is even worth playing at all.