GTA Online: Tiny Racers

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I frankly haven't the first sodding idea how to begin commenting on this.

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If anyone here remembers Micro Machines, it got remade as Toybox Turbos. Now it is getting remade AGAIN in GTA Online.

This might actually be quite a lot of fun.

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Given how Micro Machines is getting a re-make soon, I imagine they're cashing in on the idea. 

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Posting this here for Lindale, since it's not cool to spam up an introduction thread.

LindaleGTA Online is just a transaction-laden hell hole. You want a special car that does not exist in the general GTA traffic, pay money. You want to have a yacht, pay money. You want a warehouse to sell drugs, pay money. There is very little you can do without paying money. And that is after I paid real money to buy the game in the first place!, I think the idea is that you do stuff in-game and work up those virtual currencies. Penniless street thug to criminal empire sort of deal. Basically the same as any other game.

You literally can't do anything in GTAO - even get past the tutorial - without getting a paycheck. Not sure how someone would come to the conclusion that micro-transactions were the only way to get cash.

Why yes, I did RGB that faux!Porsche to the official canary yellow colour. Thanks for noticing! ^_^

I have a high-end apartment, a yacht, several million dollars worth of upgraded cars, an office complex, one of each Motorcycle Club business, half the shit on the military surplus site and still have a truly obscene amount of cash left over.

This is someone who didn't even like spending dilithium in STO. Do you really believe I'd have the wealth or willingness to spend £5,000 on Shark Cards?

There's a lot of things to accuse GTA Online of. Grindfest, repetition, being full of assholes, having the shittiest networking this side of the NHS, an anti-cheat that couldn't find chlamydia at a Glaswegian brothel, et al. Mandatory micro-transactions really doesn't make that list.

If you ever gave GTAO a second pass, it sounds like you'd want to check out the 'friendly lobby' communities.

Mind you, Star Citizen Alpha 3.0 is looking like it could credibly be released within two months, so we'll be getting our hands on that next April.

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Rocket-powered paragliding motorcycle.

That's all I have to say about the new update.