Blizzard Vice-President hints at Overwatch Mod Tools

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Overwatch is hugely popular right now with the online gaming community, and Vice-President of Blizzard, Jeffery Kaplan, at the Anniversary Event in New York this past week, hinted that official modding tools may come to the game, but not for some time.

 Several people asked Kaplan about modding

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Overwatch is a game that I suspect will continue to be relevant for at the very least the next decade. It's a constantly evolving multiplayer experience, with incredible untapped potential. And Blizzard does have an insane history of post-launch support.

They also never do anything half-assed. If they want to enable community mods, they'll make damn sure it's perfect for both them and the community at large.

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I keep seeing it referred to as Team Fortress 3.

As such, that leaves me with a very important question as to how such mods will be implemented.
* Valve model: If a modder's work is good enough, Valve actually puts it into the game. They even have occasional contests. PLUS, they have winter events, Halloween events, all revolving around putting a huge pile of player-made stuff into the game, and a mad dash for everyone to gotta catch em all, gotta catch em all. And if you miss the event, well, you can always buy it from the official in-game store, of which the modder only gets maybe 10% of the revenue. The other 90% all goes to Gabe Newell.

* Everyone else: It is all free downloads on Nexus, complete with a Mod Manager to help you make sure everything works. And you also have LOOT to make sure the mods are in the correct order, further guaranteeing they will not break each other. Best of all, some modders have a PayPal link, so you can absolutely throw money at them if their work is particular spectacular, or very much needed.