Alien Isolation comes to Oculus Rift

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Just in case you weren't frightened enough by Alien Isolation, this new VR mod, which brings the game to the Oculus Rift, adds immersive realism, although it currently lacks any Rift Touch support.

The mod allows you to experience the game in VR, with full ability to look around your environment and immerse yourself in the world, but you will still need to use an Xbox Controller, or Keyboard and Mouse, to be able to control the game.

The mod is currently still in alpha, but the mod, called MotherVR, is a solid experience with the Rift headset, and finally brings the long anticipated VR feature to the game.

The mod is available to download now from the MotherVR website.

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Does anyone have a Rift or Vive? I'm curious to know if they're worth getting.

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I think Stalker does.  But I would never use rift with Alien: Isolation.  The alien cheats as it is so I don't want it up close and personal.