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Danny King August 31st 2016, 10:45:03 Essential Mods
It's a bit of a marmite game right now; you either love No Man's Sky or you hate it. But for those who love, modding is taking off in a massive way. Now the game has had a few weeks to mature, here are some of the best mods available for the game.

Project Potato

Project Potato is an absolute must-try for anyone who is suffering from performance problems while playing the game, and yes, there are quite a few of you out there. Even high-performance machines can struggle with the game at times, and Project Potato aims to fix all the performance shortcomings, at least until Hello Games can roll out an official fix.

The mod scales down the internal resolution of the game and cuts out certain graphical effects that are either not necessary or noticeable, or impact performance. The result, while visually downgraded, is a much smoother, higher frame-rate, which is important to many people.

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Deep Space

If you find the bright colours and vibrant environments of No Man's Sky a little too much for your tastes, the Deep Space mod aims to add a darker colour pallet and more realistic lighting to the game. Without completely eliminating the aesthetic that the game is known for, the effect does actually help to bring more detail out in the sky and landscapes of the game, and actually works to great effect.

The mod removes and tweaks certain graphical effects, too, such as the removal of scan lines, depth of field and the vignette effects, making the experience feel much cleaner and crisper. It also adds some transparency to clouds, makes nebulae more subtle, and makes the blackness of space, well, deep black.

While this mod certainly won't be for everyone,

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Let's be honest, No Man's Sky is just an exercise in randomly-generated prettyness. It's somewhat inexplicable, then, that you can't easily remove the HUD to allow you to make awesome looking screenshots or videos.

NoHUD will allow you to simply disable the HUD by pressing the F5 key, and will re-enable it by pressing F5 again. Great for screenshot junkies!

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Bigger Creatures

Find the creatures in No Man's Sky a little too small? Looking for that awesome Jurassic Park moment where you step out onto another world to find giant creatures roaming around, grazing from the top of massive oak trees? Bigger Creatures (and it's sister mod, Bigger Things) aim to achieve just that.

There are various different size variations that you can choose to install, there's "big", which gives you a 50/50 mix of normal sized and bigger creatures, "bigger", which makes bigger creatures even more common, and "huge" which makes all the creatures very big. There's currently a max-size for creatures, so don't expect something the size of Godzilla, but this mod is still pretty cool!

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Super Hyperdrive

Is space exploration just too slow and boring? Have you just GOT to go faster? Well, good news my friend, this mod replaces your Hyperdrive with a new Super Hyperdrive!

Unlike Sonic, it does not start flashing bright gold and white, causing everyone within site to start foaming at the mouth. What it does do, though, is increase all the hyper-drive distances by a factor of 1,000 times. This makes it much more likely that you'll find the centre of the galaxy much quicker.

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Busier Space

Space, by design, contains a lot of empty space. Sounds obvious, right? Sometimes, though, space can feel just a little too empty. Busier Space increases the chances for more exciting things happening, by significantly increasing the likelyhood of certain outer-space events.

The likelihood of ships spawning has been increased by a factor of 3-4x, but be careful, because the chances of encountering pirates has also been increased by the same amount. Space stations and trader outposts are also much more common, and the chances of warping into the middle of a battle has also been increased by a factor of 2x.

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Denser Forests

With this mod, you can significantly increase the density of tree-patches and grassland, which gives the game forests of trees and wooded area to explore, something the game currently seems to lack.

There are various different options to suit your taste, from 2x, 5,x, 10x and 20x. There's also a rather interesting "Max" mode which just places trees in every available possible place, which, while certainly interesting, can cause a bit of a lag-fest.

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The mountains mod has one simple goal: to try and make the landscapes of different planets much more varied from one another. It works, too. By increasing the maximum and minimum possible sizes for mountains, the landscapes do look much more wildly varied and dramatic.

The net effect is that it's possible to come across planets that are essentially flat, while other planets can be littered with huge mountainscapes, giving you the impression that not all the worlds are geographically similar.

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Nyan Cat Space Stations

What can I say, it was bound to happen, right?

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SegoeUI Regular Font Replacer

A surprisngly popular mod, as many find the default font in the game to be a little hard to read. This mod simply replaces the fonts in the game's menus with SegoeUI, a popular default font that is often used for interfaces and websites due to it's ease on the eye.

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Those are our picks for the best No Man's Sky mods out there, but as always, if you've got any reccomendations, let us know in the comments below or on our community forums!

Comments (3)

  1. Lindale
    One mod that really needs to be made is one that makes life on planets a rare thing. As is, EVERY planet has life of some sort. You land on any given planet, and there is a horse or a frog. This ratio needs to be drastically reduced.

    Look at the diverse types of planets in just our own solar system. As far as we know, Earth is the only one that is capable of supporting the types of life we know about. The rest are gas giants, various types of dead rocks, giant ice balls, planet-wide deserts, or planet-wide volcanoes. And there is some speculation that Mercury might actually be the core of what was once a gas giant roughly the size of Neptune. Although, I would be interested in Enceladus and Europa, to see what swims up to lick the camera.

    Given the number of exoplanets found, only a few of them are in the habitable that that would support life as we know it. Of those, only a small number of those planets might actually be the correct size to have multi-cellular life. Fewer might be developed enough to have complex life. Some of them might even be more like Mars, whose core is no longer rotating, which means no magnetic field.

    This is how space exploration would actually be in real life, so that is how No Man's Sky should be as well.

    So there is my mod request.
    Reply 2016-08-31 12:50:16
  2. Steampoweredcat
    I might have to try Project Potato because this game runs like crap on my laptop. :(
    Reply 2016-08-31 13:15:44
  3. Lindale
    I must admit. "Project Potato" is such the best name for that sort of mod.
    Reply 2016-09-01 01:55:16